ActiveManage Platform

What Is It?

The ActiveManage platform is one of the latest innovations to the web industry, introducing a comprehensive package allowing both developers and non-developers to visually build bespoke software whilst all of the software code creation and database infrastructure is produced and maintained in the background automatically.

Hundreds of new applications are developed with the platform each year.

We aim to transform the industry forever.


Easy to use and don't need to be a developer
Lower TCO
Faster time to market
Make changes in-house
Continually improved and updated

What features/tools are available on the platform?


Like databases, only smarter. They provide the backbone for your software or website.


Capture data from users by building forms ranging from basic contact forms to complex forms with multiple stages.

Website/Page Builder

ActiveManage makes it easy to build stunning websites that don't limit your creativity by using our exclusive front-end design tools.

Development & General

Advanced users may wish to develop unique bespoke features, ActiveManage caters for this by providing unique tools to enable fast, secure development.

Files and Media

Store as many files as your storage allows and manage them with ease with the web-based file manager.

Document Management

Create a library of documents that you can organise, search and audit.


Data protection and governance are available for all your datastores.


Build your own searches, targeting all the datastore fields you specify. There's also features such as auto-suggest, prediction and analytic recording.


ActiveManage offers it's own user account facility but also integrates seamlessly with 3rd party providers such as Active Directory, Azure AD and Google to name a few.

eCommerce / Shopping

Build carts which can be used for shopping with searching, filters, categories, payments and order tracking. Alternatively you can configure the carts for other purposes with the custom checkout actions.


Configure your application to be accessed on a subscription basis, including different tiers of membership providing access to different features.


ActiveManage allows you to create tenant organisations who can each use an isolated version of the application.


Advanced report builder that is easy to use yet powerful enough to automatically join and filter related tables.


Benefit from a comprehensive suite of e-mail/SMS tools which not only allow you to send modern responsive HTML e-mails but also allow you to receive and process e-mails.


ActiveManage has a wide range of integrations you can use whilst also allowing you to build your own.

Management & Support

Add help articles and videos into your application which end-users can refer to, minimising support calls and empowering your users.

Status Panel

The status panel allows you to instantly view all the vital information regarding your software in an easy to understand dashboard.


View a report regarding the security of your software and see recommendations you can make to improve.

Installation & Updates

The update system within the platform allows you to receive all the latest features and performance tweaks regulary released by ActiveManage.

Admin Panel

The admin panel provides a seperate area for the administrators of your software to make changes. The best part is, you are able to build the admin panel to tailor it around the features within your software.

Booking Calendars

Provide an unlimited amount of booking calendars with many configurable options including availability, slot/range booking, multiple locations, attendance recording and e-mail/SMS booking confirmations.


Due to ActiveManage working with online e-commerce providers processing customer credit cards and healthcare organisations storing patient information, it is without surprise, that one of the most critical aspects for us at ActiveManage is security.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that your data remains protected at all times. This was achieved by developing the platform alongside experts in the field and not just remaining compliant with all OWASP security guidelines but also going beyond them, implementing our own additional safeguards.

ActiveManage works seamlessly with the server it is installed on to make recommendations on how to improve the security configuration of that server.

2FA (TOTP/SMS) supported out the box.
Supports multiple 3rd party login providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, Facebook, Google etc.
Automatic IP blocking to prevent brute-force attacks againsts logins or incorrect API keys.
Automatic account locking to help prevent password guessing.
Cross-site Request Forgery Protection
Cross-site Scripting Protection
Passwords are hashed one-way with the same industry leading encryption used by banks and cannot be decrypted, even by our own staff.
We have also reached out to external CREST certified penetration testers here in the UK for additional piece of mind for ourselves and our customers.

Comparisons Against Other Development Methods

Manual Development
The most difficult to support, especially when staff who developed the application leave the organisation
Longer time to market which can mean current processes can continue to hinder the business and competitors have the opportunity to progress sooner
Requires continued effort to update the software to stay compliant with the latest browser technologies
Not protected against latest vulnerabilities
Changes can only be done by developers
Development Frameworks
Isn't simple to update framework
All source code is available online for hackers
Need to employ developers with experience of that particular framework, significantly reducing potential candidates
Large frameworks can cause slower performance
Changes can only be done by developers


Working together seamlessly with industry leaders

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