Platform Features


Capture data from users by building forms ranging from basic contact forms to complex forms with multiple stages.
Create Forms

Once you have built a datastore, you can generate a form from it in just a few clicks. You can define who has access to complete the form, what is displayed once the form has been submitted along with advanced features such as custom callback functions.
Conditional Form Builder

Build conditional forms/fields with our drag-and-drop-based visual builder which allows you to specifiy options along with different sets of fields that are shown when each of the options are selected.
Dynamic Add Fields

Cater for instances in a form when there isn't a fixed number of entries for a field. Dynamic Add Fields work by allowing you to add one or more fields to a group and then users can click a button to add additional instances of the group of fields to the form.
Recaptcha Integration

Prevent SPAM using the Google Recaptcha integration to verify if the form submission is authentic and not from a bot. All versions are supported - v2 Checkbox, v2 Invisible and v3.
Electronic Authorisation

Each stage in a workflow can send an authorisation e-mail to the address(es) defined in that stage. The recipients can then click the URL within the e-mail and either approve or decline the request, the first allowing the form submission to proceed to the next stage.

Build form workflows comprised of an unlimited amount of stages. You can assign different fields in the datastore to different stages for different people to complete and even select which fields from previous stages can be viewed/edited in later stages.