Who We Are

About Us

Founded in 2016, we are a UK business and pride ourselves on being masters of software development.

We have two arms to our business, the first being our bespoke software development division which provides a comprehensive end-to-end service from analysing a business or an idea through to design, development and implementation.

The platform division has developed and manages the ActiveManage platform which allows users to build their own software using just a web browser. This is done by utilising the wide-range of easy to use no-code/low-code tools included in the platform.

Our Team Consists of

Full Stack Developers
Solution Architects
Database Specialists
Business Analysts
Integration/API Developer
UX/design Consultant
Implementation and
Training Co-ordinator
Testing Team

Mission and Vision

Without our customers, we would not exist. That's why we put them at the heart of everything we do. We provide exceptional customer service and support throughout the development and implementation of their projects. What makes us different to other development houses is the fact that have built our own development platform from the ground up, which we now use to create all our projects with.

The ActiveManage platform is one of the latest innovations to the web industry, introducing a comprehensive platform to automate the majority of software code creation and database infrastructure instead of requiring developers to perform this manually. After a number of years of intense development by our exceptionally talented team, over 200 different applications developed with the platform and over 47 million letters of our code reaching the version 1.0 release, we believe we will transform the industry forever and will truly set us apart in a crowded marketplace.

Instead of writing thousands of lines of bespoke code as found with traditional software development houses, receiving the project sign-off and then "washing their hands" with the business or charging extortionate fees for additional changes, we provide on-going updates to our platform to ensure that this simply does not happen. Bespoke code that can become insecure or incompatible with newer server software over time is reduced to an absolute minimum and instead is encompassed as part of the ActiveManage platform which will be improved and maintained for the lifetime of our business. We are proud of our work and the projects we build and always want to them to look and work at their best, which is why we offer these updates to our clients, even though their development project has been completed.

The benefits of our platform are significantly lower development and ongoing maintenance costs as well as dramatically reducing human programming errors. This standardisation assists us to eliminate bugs and security flaws meaning that you have more time to concentrate on what you care about most - your business.

One of the core ideas behind our platform is allowing you to upload/change information and features across the entire platform without relying on a development team, so that you are never tied to the software development house who you purchased your system from, unlike other companies providing highly complex in-house solutions that can be incredibly difficult for external companies to maintain or develop further.