Platform Features


Like databases, only smarter. They provide the backbone for your software or website.
Seamless Management

Datastores automate the laborious tasks normally associated with databases including writing queries, schema/column management and data indexing. They also seamlessly handle all data processing between the client, the web server and the database server including performing front-end and back-end data validation.
40+ Field Types Available

Including Text Box, Code Editor, WYSIWYG Editor, Date and Time, Colour, Tickboxes, Multiple Linked Dropdown Boxes, File Upload, Conditional Field, Pills, User Search, AJAX Search, Slider, Icon, Password, Toggle Switch, Icon Select, Geolocation, Signature, Number, Web Video, Phone Number, Postal Address and Radios

ActiveManage ensures that no additional manual coding is required to perform many of the regular interactions throughout your website and admin panel by generating all datastore-related CRUD (create, read, update, delete) forms both on the client and admin sides.
Importing Data

The innovative Data Import System allows you to import data into any datastore from files such as Excel and inclules field mapping, data translation and 5 different import methods (Import All, Import New Only, Delete, Delete Missing and Update Existing).
Query Builder

Web-based visual drag-and-drop database query builder including the ability to work with multiple datastores as well as previewing/performing joins, filtering columns and sorting columns.
Easy-create Mode

Drag and drop a spreadsheet into ActiveManage and our platform will use smart field-type detection to automatically convert it to an online datastore with permissions-based security, full audit capabilities for every row and all other benefits provided from using ActiveManage datastores.
Row Validation

You can add custom validations rules across multiple fields within a datastore to provide next-level data quality.
Custom Datastore Actions

These actions allow you to show custom buttons at the bottom of a datastore to allow users to perform tasks associated with the datastore.
Custom Row Actions

These actions allow you to show custom buttons next to every row in a datastore to allow users to perform an action based on one or more fields within it. A common use is navigating between different datastores using parent/child-style rows.
Copy Features

Copy any row in any datastore by clicking the copy button to display the 'New Record' form with all the existing row's data populated.

Export the data in a datastore to common file formats such as CSV/Excel.
Business Logic Rules

Build rules with optional criteria settings that are applied when data is added, deleted or modified which can do anything from send e-mails to running custom scripts.

If you enable templates for a datastore, users will be able to build templates that can pre-populate specified fields in the datastore row, greatly reducing manual inputting for commonly used row types.
Data Extraction

The platform can receive files from a variety of sources such as e-mail attachments and network drives which it can then automatically extract the data from. This data can be added to a datastore or trigger custom functions if required. This tool supports CSV/XLS/XLSX/XML files out-the-box and even allows you to extract data as specific as a single cell in a spreadsheet. There are also data manipulation tools to allow you to transform data after it has been extracted.