Platform Features

Booking Calendars

Provide an unlimited amount of booking calendars with many configurable options including availability, slot/range booking, multiple locations, attendance recording and e-mail/SMS booking confirmations.
Booking Calendars
Multiple Calendar Support

You can create an unlimited amount of calendars, each with its own bookings, events and permissions.
Multiple Event Support

You can set up different types of event that each have their own booking length, data collection fields and colour on the visual itinerary.
Variable Booking Lengths

You can offer fixed time slots for events that have a consistent booking length or you can allow users to input their own date/time range for purposes such as booking annual leave.
Dual Availability Mode

To allow the most efficient way of defining whether booking calendar slots are available, you can choose whether the calendar is bookable only during specified periods or is always bookable unless specified periods have been defined.
Advanced Booking Notice

You can define the maximum time period in advance that users can view and book events on calendars.
Automated Booking Confirmation E-mails

You can easily configure your application to send booking confirmation e-mails using a template of your own, or alternatively, the platform can automatically generate an e-mail template for you containing all the booking details.
Attendance Recording

You can enable attendance recording to maintain a record of which people attended their bookings and which didn't. You can also configure your own custom attendance options.
Multiple Location Support

If you offer appointments across multiple locations, you can add the sites into calendar configuration so that users can browse booking slots by each individual location.
Phone/Manual Bookings

If a user would like to make a booking but doesn't have access to the internet, then an administrator can make a manual booking on their behalf.
Custom Event Fields

You can define an unlimited amount of custom fields for individual events to collect data from users when they book certain events.
Recurring Booking Availability Periods

If you would like to offer the same schedule of booking slot times each week i.e. (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm), then you can set up recurring availability periods to prevent you having to set up the slots for each week individually. There is also an override feature to remove dates for events such as as bank holidays etc.
Visual Itinerary

Calendar administrators have access to a visual itinerary that shows a detailed view of the schedule for each day including the details of the user who has booked the slot.
Easy Booking

Booking an appointment couldn't be more straightforward for your users, the coloured slots on the calendar indicate the availability of each one. To make a booking they simply need to click an available slot.