Platform Features

eCommerce / Shopping

Build carts which can be used for shopping with searching, filters, categories, payments and order tracking. Alternatively you can configure the carts for other purposes with the custom checkout actions.
eCommerce / Shopping
Product Categories

Build your own store category tree with an unlimited amount of levels.

Add an unlimited amount of products including different variation/combination options to select.
Multi-Vendor Marketplace Support

The multi-vendor marketplace capabilities within ActiveManage allow you to host a store where vendors you approve can list their own products.

A comprehensive search feature allows customers to quickly find what they are looking for. You can tailor the appearance of the search results to your liking and can even include the different variations to speed up the selection process.

A variety of easy-to-use filter types allow your customers to find the right product in the minimum amount of time.
Stock Control

When adding products to your store, you can define the initial number of stock you have available. As customers purchase your products, ActiveManage will ensure that the stock levels are kept up-to-date within the system and either prevent users from purchasing or allow them to pre-order. You can add stock events in the event of resupplys as well as write-offs to ensure that the stock levels are updated throughout the system.
Multiple Product Types

You can define multiple product types, each with different fields to allow stress-free filtering by your customers. For example, a fashion store may add colour, material and shoe size fields to their trainers product type.
Reviews, Ratings And Testimonials

You can enable reviews, ratings and testimonials which allows your customers to provide feedback to others regarding your products which may encourage other customers to purchase the products.
Shopping Cart/Checkout Facility

Customers can add and remove products to their shopping cart and review it before going ahead with their purchase.
Returns System

An integrated returns system allows customers to easily request product returns as well as a tracking system to keep them updated on the process. The store owner can also view a dashboard of returns accepted/declined/awaiting.
Discounts/Coupons/Multi-Buy Offers

ActiveManage offers a comprehensive discounting system that allows you to create codes or automatic discounts that can be for specific products or categories as well as across the store.
Payment Processing

Payments can be made within the store without being re-directed to a 3rd party payment processing website. There are a huge number of different debit/credit cards supported including SCA (strong customer authentication).