Platform Features

Development & General

Advanced users may wish to develop unique bespoke features, ActiveManage caters for this by providing unique tools to enable fast, secure development.
Development & General
Custom PHP Code Support

Certain versions of the ActiveManage platform allow you to use your own PHP code in conjunction with all the features provided by the platform, to allow you to develop virtually any software in much less time that traditional development.

A fully functional IDE that allows you to add your own bespoke code to allow you to create practically anything.
Dependency Manager

Many websites/applications rely on 3rd party open-source components to provide all necessary functionality and also to prevent 'reinventing the wheel'. The ActiveManage platform allows you to easily add these components to your application using the web-based interface. It even has CDNJS integration to help reduce the traffic on your website.
Friendly URLs

You can create short and simple user-friendly URLs for the pages within your application/website, which provide easier navigation and better rankings within search engines.
Deployment Engine

The deployment engine integrates with AWS Elastic Beanstalk to allow you to effortlessly manage the different versions of your application as well deploy them to an unlimited number of servers/instances/environments. Whether you have 1 server or 1000 servers, you can build your application deployment package and deploy it to all your servers in a click. You can also view the health of your instances, databases and other components within your infrastructure stack.