Platform Features

Document Management

Create a library of documents that you can organise, search and audit.
Document Management
Upload And Store Documents

Authors can drag and drop a virtually unlimited amount of documents from their computer or mobile device into a document library.
Full Contents Indexing

When an author uploads a document/spreadsheet/presentation to a document library, ActiveManage scans the file to extract all the wording from it. Then when a user is searching the document library, ActiveManage won't be searching just the file name,s it will be searching across every word in every file.

Every time a document is uploaded or a document is changed, ActiveManage will record full details of who made the change, when the change was made and which computer IP address it was made from.
Version Control

As documents are revised and changed over time, ActiveManage keeps a copy of all versions of the document so that you can see changes that have been made over time.
Recycle Bin And Restore

When documents are deleted, they will be placed in a recycle bin allowing quick restoration should they have been deleted by mistake. You can also revert back to a previous version if you wish.
Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your document management library to allow authors to ensure all related information is included with the document record. Your users can also search and filter these fields to find exactly what they're looking for in less time.