Platform Features


Benefit from a comprehensive suite of e-mail/SMS tools which not only allow you to send modern responsive HTML e-mails but also allow you to receive and process e-mails.
Send E-mails

Add an e-mail account to your application to allow it to send informative/transactional e-mails to your users and clients.
E-mail Templates

Compose e-mail templates with field placeholders for dynamic data to be inserted from data within your application.

Build SMS messaging into your application to send informative or transactional messages to your users. The two-factor authentication (2FA) facility integrated in the platform can also use this feature to send one-time passcodes via. SMS.
E-mail Designer

Create striking responsive HTML e-mail designs using our visual e-mail designer.
E-mail Tracking

By simply enabling one option, you can begin gathering data from your e-mail recipients including which e-mails they have opened, when they opened them and which device/browser/IP they are using.
Modern OAUTH Authentication

The e-mail system within ActiveManage fully supports authentication via. the native login screen of supported e-mail providers at which point the platform will obtain the OAUTH tokens. The platform can automatically renew OAUTH tokens in the background and even send notifications prior to the refresh token expiring.
Multiple Protocols Supported

E-mails can be sent/received using IMAP, SMTP, Microsoft Graph or Amazon SES
SendGrid Integration

The platform offers SendGrid integration, just enter your SendGrid key and you can send e-mails without any additional configuration or unblocking any mail ports.
E-mail Relay System

If the configuration of your firewall guarding your application is preventing your application from accessing necessary ports to send/receive e-mail, then you can set up the ActiveManage e-mail relay system which sends/receives e-mail data over HTTPS.
Receive/Fetch E-mails

The platform is able to automatically fetch e-mails using IMAP or Microsoft Graph.
E-mail Inbox Processing

Add inbox actions to process e-mails matching certain criteria. If a matching e-mail is received the platform can pass the e-mail to the data extraction system or pass the e-mail and any attachments to custom function you have built, opening up endless possibilities.