Case Study

A unique match-making platform for innovative, upcoming brands to get their products instantly in front of the UK's leading retailers.

Buyers Discovery Club Platform

The Challenge

Once a brand has developed a new product, one of the biggest challenges is then to try and get it on the shelves of retailers up and down the country. Brands usually find that there's no clear route to communicate with buyers within the retailer organisations, or that they don't receive a response to their messages. On the flip side, the buyers are inundated with messages and samples from brands that might not meet the requirements of their range review, meaning that a product that is the "next big thing" may get overlooked.

The Solution

ActiveManage worked with The Buyers Discovery Club to build a bespoke platform, combining elements usually found in eCommerce websites such as product searching, filters, categories and a shopping cart for buyers to add samples to combined with messaging and video conferencing facilities to allow suppliers to pitch products to the buyers within the platform.

The Impact

Buyers from the UK's leading retailers now have a simple way of finding products fitting their exact requirements within minutes and can add their range reviews so that they are automatically notified when an appropriate product is added to the platform.
Suppliers with new innovative products now have an effective method to help them get discovered by retailers.

Retailers that work with Buyers Discovery Club

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